About Us

Jignesh Domadia
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Jignesh Domadia is a high-powered executive with a results-charged career in the growth and profitability of business enterprises. He possesses high-caliber management qualifications, acute marketing instincts, experience-backed judgment, and excellent punctuality. Jignesh Domadia combines tactical execution of strategic initiatives with strong leadership and the development of key alliances, to capture and enhance overall business operations and financial results.

Jeti Patel
Accounts Payable
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Jeti Patel provides financial, clerical, and administrative services to ensure efficient, timely, and accurate payment of accounts under her control.

Mariana Aguirre
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Mariana Aguirre serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately. Additionally, Mariana notifies company personnel of a visitors arrival. She also maintains security and telecommunications system.

Apurva Khandhar
Director Human Resources
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Apurva Khandhar maintains the payroll of employees of all entities being managed by Shria Management, including health insurance and workers compensation. He also supervises the managers at each location in terms of their employee training and development. He is responsible for the hiring and the letting go of employees at each of the locations managed by Shria Management. Apurva is responsible for establishing a compensation package in accordance with the wage requirements for each geographic location etc.

Sumit Lopes
Operations Manager
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Sumit Lopes is responsible for the direction and management of all the aspects of Hotels and Restaurant operations including management on a daily basis. He is involved in formulating Operational policy and company philosophy based on the needs of the business, with growth and expansion in mind. He prepares reports for the executives of the business in regards to the various Hotels/Restaurants operational activities and makes recommendations for the executives with a view to improve the efficiency of the business. These recommendations are made keeping in mind the financial aspects of the businesses. He is responsible for the hiring and retention of staff when needed through proper training and development.

Jignesh Parekh
Director of Marketing
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Jignest Parekh creates marketing plans for each entity, while avoiding any conflict amongst the other entities so that business of one entity is not affected by the other. Jignesh focuses on target areas as well as specific markets and choose a strategy that will capitalize on the potential of said area or market. He supervises the performance of marketing and sales staff employed at each entity and comes up with cost effective marketing strategies without compromising results. He consults with the executive team members before implementing any plan, prepares and conducts presentations, and prepares quarterly reports to show the progress of the business before and after the implementation of any specific strategy.

Pinakin Patel
Management Analyst (Technology)
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He gathers and organize comprehensive data on each business running under the company's umbrella order to identify the Technological problems hindering the efficiency of business. He analyze data so gathered to come up with the effective solutions suitable to the budgetary limits of any specific project/entity. Based on his skills, He make recommendations in order to develop new or abolish old technology used in business and replace it with newer systems/techniques aimimng to be cost effective in the long run. He prepares quarterly and year end reports on system giving comparative charts of before and after implementation of revised technology/systems.

Rachit Kapadia
Training and Development Specialist (Hospitality)
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He is in the position of a Training and Development Specialist. The position shows the importance to have well trained employees in place. Based on his skill set the duties will involve functions like : Access and evaluate the training needs of the employees of the Company and Entities operations under the Umbrella of the company. Develop the training manuals for the employees, Conduct onsite training sessions for the employees of a particular entity and conduct training various business procedures of different departments. Conduct the recruiting for entities under the clients if needed, Develop orientation material and conduct orientation session for new employees. Identify employees with a specific skill set and reshuffle the Job duties if suitable.