Our Objective & History

Our Objective
Our objective is to improve each hotel from its present state to a more profitable, higher quality, and more effectively run business. This is achieved by utilizing a staff of professional employees; each having a genuine concern for the properties under the SHM name. Utilizing a clear understanding of what challenges are common in hotels, and a history of successfully working through those challenges; all potential issues are brought to resolve in a timely manner.

This combination has not only built a healthy reputation as a successful management company, but it also ensures that all aspects of business will run smoothly. Which means revenue goes up along with the reputation and rating of each hotel.

Shria Management’s first property was Super 8 Airport Inn (Formerly called Best Western), located in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Jignesh Domadia, the founder of Shria management, supervised the property as General Manager. When purchased, the property was showing financial loss. Within the first year, after renovations, the hotel showed significant profit and the revenue increased by over 100